How do I obtain a motorbike driver license?

How do I obtain a motorbike driver license?



Receiving authorities: Motor Vehicle Offices of city and county governments.


Qualifications of applicants:

1. The applicant must be at least age 18.

2. Have had a resident permit for over 1 year.


Required documents:

1. The certificate allowing the stay or residence period for over 1 year. The period from the date of issuance to the date of expiry must be over 1 year, e.g. Alien Residence Certificate.

2. The original and a photocopy of the applicant's passport.

3. Two identical one-inch bust, front photos taken within the past 6 months. Composite photos will be accepted.

4. The original and a photocopy of the valid and official driver's license issued by a foreign nation, and certificate.


Fees: Enrollment fee: NT$250 for Ordinary heavy-duty motorbikes, NT$125 for light-duty motorbikes Driver's license fee: NT$200



1. Those who already have a car driver's license can ride a light-duty motorbike below 50cc.

2. Those who have a valid car driver's license or a light-duty motorbike driver's license, applying for an ordinary heavy-duty motorbike (between 51cc and 250cc) driver's license, are exempted from written test for traffic rules.

3. The applicant must be at least age 18 for ordinary license examination, between 20 and 65 for professional license examination.

4. The qualified physical examination and physical capability and the result of written test will remain valid within 1 year.

5. The motorbike driver's license will be issued only after the applicant passes both the written test for traffic regulations and a road test. Those who fail to pass the written test or road test can take a retest 7 days later.

6. Those who want to take a test of heavy-duty motorbike, i.e. above 250cc driver's license must be at least age 20, having held a license for driving an ordinary heavy-duty motorbike for over 1 year, have completed a training course at a registered drivers' training school and having passed an advanced physical capability examination.

Please refer to the following website for details: English website